Our Story

We went quite a few times to Corfu and we loved it. Only few hours away from Paris where we live, but so different and relaxing with the good weather and the sea !

One of our common friends, architect, proposed us to build our own villa, next to his. And we said yes !

So we have been coming to Corfu a few times every year for the past 10 years.

That’s why we know so well Corfu and the good places to go ! And that’s why we want to share this passion with others now.

Villa Voukithro story

We visited for the first time the land where we finally decided to build the villa in 2008 !

It took quite a while to buy the land. And then even more to get all the authorizations to build the villa. We only started the construction in 2013 !

The villa was finished two years later and we spent our first night there on August 15th 2015.

Since the villa welcomes guests, friends and ourselves. The season goes from May 1st till late October. Each season is different but nice. If you are interested, send us an email !