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You decided to stay in Corfu for your vacations, you already booked Villa Voukithro, you are now looking for indications about how to get to the villa. You do need to rent a car. Because Villa Voukithro is in a very nice location with a great view of sea and mountains. But it is a remote location.

Where to rent a car at Corfu airport

I usually rent my car from Green Motion Greece. They are very professional and very kind. And they have never taken advantage of a small scratch on the car to charge a colossal sum to repair, as some car rental companies do…

2 options to get to Villa Voukithro

Once you have your car you can either spend some time at Corfu Town or go directly to Villa Voukithro. You have two option : the coastal road or the mountain road. In both case following the indications of Google Map or an equivalent app is the easiest way not to get lost. You just have to type Villa Voukithro to find the villa. When there is no traffic the time to get to Villa Voukithro from the airport will be approximately the same , a little bit than one hour.

Getting to Villa Voukithro by the coastal road

The coastal road from airport to the villa is a bit shorter, 43 kilometers, but there is more risk to be stuck behind a slow driver. Especially during summer at mid day because a lot of people may just go or come back from the beach. But if you are not in a hurry it is nice road overlooking the sea. And you cannot really get lost because once you turned right at Gouvia in the direction of Kassiopi there is only one main road. Until you see the indication, on your left, Loutses.

stay in corfu get to voukithro by coastal road
coastal road

Getting to Villa Voukithro by the mountain road

The mountain road from airport to the villa is a bit longer, 49 kilometers, but will most probably be faster, with less traffic. The landscape is nice as well, but it is more a mountain view. And you really need to follow Google map indications even if you globally need to follow the indications Acharavi. If you arrive during day time it may be a good idea to make a stop at Acharavi to buy food and drinks for your stay at the villa. After Acharavi just follow the main road until you see the indication for Loutses, on your right.

Mountain road

From Perithia to Villa Voukithro

300 meters after you left the main road you will reach Perithia village. You will turn left and pass by Taverna Harris which is a nice place to have lunch or dinner. If you did not stop before there is also next to taverna Harris a small grocery shop where you can buy water, drinks and basic food. You will then follow the road up to Loutses and pass by Taverna Natzos.

prepare to turn left

You will NOT turn left when you see the indication Voukithro but instead turn left just after the sign indicating you exit Loutses village. Turn left following a sign “to the caves”.

stay in corfu get to voukithro loutses
turn left, to the cave

Take then the next road on your left.

turn left

After 200 meters you will find a dirt road that you will follow.

Turn right

After a few minutes you will see the villa.

stay in corfu get to voukithro
Villa Voukithro

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