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Your holidays are coming. You already decided to come and visit Corfu, you already chose how to get to Corfu. Now you are wondering what you will do in Corfu. You have many options. Going to the beach, hiking in the mountain, visiting museums or scuba diving for example. Read this article to get some ideas !

Best Holidays to Corfu Greece Kassiopi Port

What are the best beaches in Corfu ?

There are beaches everywhere. But my favorite beaches are on the north coast. Basically, the closer you are to Corfu Town, the more crowded and organized the beaches.

Kassiopi and around

Kassiopi is a small port 45 minutes away from Corfu town. You will find many options there. I like very much Bataria beach at walking distance from the port and Agios Stefanos beach for a nap after a good lunch. But if you prefer bigger beaches you can go to Avkali beach or Agios Spiridon. Or rent a boat and explore by yourself all the small coves around.

Best Holidays to Corfu Greece Kassiopi Beach
Kassiopi Beach


Paleokastritsa is on the West Coast, at only 30 minutes drive from Corfu Town. And 40 minutes away from Acharavi. Beach club in a secluded clove, traditional beach with sunbeds and umbrellas or secret beaches accessible only with your own boat, you will find all of that !

Best Holidays to Corfu Greece Paleokstritsa

Porto Timoni

THE iconic beach of Corfu with its double bay, Porto Timoni deserves a visit wherever you stay. One hour drive from Corfu Town but only 30 minutes away from Acharavi. But then you still need to take a boat or hike down to the beach.

best holidays to corfu greece porto timoni


You will find around Peroulades some incredible beaches. Logas Beach overlooked by a 30 meter high cliff. And Canal d’Amour, carved into a limestone cliff, which changes shape every year.

Hiking in Corfu

A very comprehensive book of Corfu Walks lists about 100 walks and hikes all around the island. Most of them in the north of the island, around Mount Pantokrator. During the summer, it is best to hike in the morning or late afternoon to avoid the hottest hours of the day.

Old Perithia can be a good starting point if you want to hike to Mount Pantokrator itself. You can get there some refreshments or food before or after your hike. And the village itself deserves a visit.

Send me a message if you want more information about hiking.

Hiking to Mount Pantokrator from Old Perithia village

Visiting Corfu Museums

You will find most of the museums or historical places in Corfu Town. The nicest place to visit is the Achilleion, built in 1890 by Queen Elizabeth of Austria-Hungary, and therefore called Sissi Palace. In Corfu Town it may also be worth to visit the Museum of Asian Art, housed in the Palace of St. Michael and St. George. For archeology passionates the museum of archeology is supposed to be the biggest museum of the island but I never visited it. There are also nice places to visit like the castle Angelokastro and the monastery of Palaiokastritsa.


Scuba diving

There are several dive shops in Corfu. I personally dived with Dive Easy. The shop is in Acharavi and their boat is in Kassiopi. They go diving to many different dives sites on the North East coast. Don’t expect to see many fish but the water is super clear and they can bring you into nice caves or to some wreck diving.

You will enjoy a nice and warm water during all summer. But in September and October the sea has been warmed up during all summer and there is no thermocline. The temperature remains warm as deep as you can dive !

Best Holidays to Corfu Greece scuba diving

Renting a boat in Corfu

Renting a boat is probably one of the coolest way to discover hidden coves and beaches. You can rent a boat pretty much everywhere but my favorite places to rent a boat are at Kassiopi with Filippos boat or at Palaiokastritsa at La Grotta.

Best Holidays to Corfu Greece renting a boat

Easter celebrations

Easter is the most important religious holiday for the Orthodox and the holiday par excellence for the Greeks ! In 2022 Orthodox Easter Sunday is on April 24th. If you are in Corfu at that time you cannot miss the celebrations. There will be a lot of processions on Good Friday. And for the Great Saturday, at 11 am, people throw from the balconies of the top floor of their building large clay jugs filled with water !

Best Holidays to Corfu Greece Corfu Town Easter procession

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