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Kassiopi is a very charming little port located about 35 kilometers northeast of Corfu town. One of the best places to see or to stay in Corfu.

In Roman times Kassiopi was the second most important city on the island. Cicero would have stayed there, as well as Nero ! The fortress which dominates the port dates from the fourteenth century. Today its many restaurants and small, well-protected beaches make it a popular destination for tourists. It is also possible to rent boats without a license for the day to reach the nearby small deserted coves. 

Bataria Beach

Kassiopi Beaches

Bataria beach

I wouldn’t swim inside Kassiopi port, but there are some very nice beaches within walking distance.

Just follow the seaside, pass the Melina Bay boutique hotel and follow the small road. Bataria Beach is 400 meters away. The water is super clear. You have two options there : pay a few euros to reserve a deckchair and an umbrella. Or stand free on flat rocks at either end of the cove.

There is another beach, called Pipitos, which is usually less crowded as it goes into shade earlier in the day.


A few kilometers from Kassiopi, Avlaki beach is a much larger beach. It is also a pebble beach but you will find sand at the end of the beach (eastern part of the beach). There are a few tavernas all along the beach. And a seafood restaurant, also called Avlaki, very nice for dinner.

Best Holidays to Corfu Greece Avlaki

Agios Stefanos

I love to have lunch at Agios Stefanos, especially when I rent a boat at Kassiopi. But you can also reach this nice little port by car. Dinner on the beach at Eukalyptus restaurant with your feet in the sand is a great experience indeed ! After lunch you can rest under beautiful trees and have a swim in the bay.

Agios Stefanos

Agios Spiridon

Agios Spiridon is a nice sand beach appreciated by Greek families. It is easily accessible and you will find a few tavernas there.

Best Holidays to Corfu Greece Agios Spiridon
Agios Spiridon

Rent a boat in Kassiopi

You can rent a wide variety of boats at Filippos boats on Kassiopi port. From small boats that you can drive without licence up to big and confortable ribs. Fillipos boat has been renting boats since 1980. They are very professional and super nice.

The staff will show you how to drive the boat if you are not experienced and give you a map of the coast. Renting a boat is clearly the best way to explore the hidden beaches of Corfu’s north-east coast.

Best Holidays to Corfu Greece Boat Trip

My favorite boat journey starts with Avlaki bay, make a few stops to swim in some of the small coves of the coast and then stop at Agios Stefanos for lunch. I like to go to a place called Blue Cave, just before Nissaki Beach which is the limit authorized for your navigation. And then come back to Kassiopi with a last stop in front of Bataria Beach if you have the time.

Best Holidays to Corfu Greece Blue Cave
Blue Cave

Lunch or Dinner in Kassiopi

Tavernaki is my favorite place for dinner in Kassiopi. The food here is excellent, the service is good and everybody is very nice. My favorite is the sea food spaghetti but they have a lot of greek specialities as well. The location is also great with a nice view on the port and the castle just in front.

Best Holidays to Corfu Greece Kassiopi

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